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An Honest Review of Gay Dating Apps

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Gay dating sites

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We're so glad that we got to share our High School Story journey with all of you. Love, The Pixelberry Team. I adore this game. It's one of my favorites and I play it every day.

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The only problem is that there are so many things that only rings can buy and I miss out on quests because I don't have enough rings to buy the classmate for the quests. If you could make more ways to get rings like watching an ad for perhaps five rings and the player can watch maybe five or ten ads a day that would be extremely helpful. Also could you please help with buying hair styles with rings? You can only buy it for one avatar and that's just ridiculous to save over rings for one style.

If you could please change it so you can buy the hairstyle once for all he avatars that would be great.

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  • Other than that it'd be a five star game. Now I'm having another difficult problem. The goals that you can achieve for tickets which give you gifts are discombobulated.

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    • It won't stop shining like it's all new, it won't let me collect the ones I've done in the past, and it won't let me collect most of my tickets. It's getting very annoying and I've waited a week for it to go away but it hasn't. Please help me with this inconvenience as it's really irritating me. I enjoy these goals and do them when I can but when it becomes difficult to accomplish these goals and I don't even get a reward it becomes more upsetting than enjoyable. Please fix this problem soon. This game is kinda cute with a neat concept, but you guys went seriously overboard with the microtransactions.

      If you cut the wait time down to no more than a couple hours and made it easier to get rings without buying them it would be way better. Either that or rings should only be for speeding things up and basic cosmetic stuff. You would probably make more money in the long run if you just made it easier to play casually and let people really get hooked. I love the game - the way it's set up the balance between coins, books, rings, pencils, and tickets and how you earn them is awesome , the quests are interesting and well written, and leveling up, quests, goals are just the right amount of challenging without being unattainable.

      I've been playing for a very very long time. I buy the prom throne of rings every month because I feel like it's a reasonable price for rings each month, which has allowed me to purchase all of the all stars and helps me go on extra quests. My only suggestion is that in the last few weeks the game seems to be lacking on updates. The goals each week are something I look forward to completing in order to redeem tickets for things I wouldn't normally spend rings on outfits and decor , and it seems that those haven't been updated in awhile, each Sunday the goals I have already completed in the past come up again, which would not be as big of a deal if they were a clean slate where I could earn them again.

      I'm also on the last level of the library quests, and although I like the classic quests, I would love some special quests that are new as well. But like I said, overall a great game - and one I hope to continue playing for a long time: App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Live high school your way! Jun 19, Version 5.