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She made a site of her own. As a coder, she was able to almost singlehandedly create Saw You At Stonewall.

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The site recently finished its beta run, and Halpern is gearing up for a full launch. Halpern is 25, but still an undergraduate at McGill University in addition to going to seminary before college, she took time off school to work in web development. But it can be difficult navigating the disparate worlds of her various identities.

For example, same as for straight Jews who are accused of ethnocentrism racism for wanting to in-date, queer Jews find they are often misunderstood. Another important value is that of privacy.

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She confronted the woman, who confessed she set up an account just to see who she would recognize. It hurt me. Sliding scales rather than labels.

In the beta, users selected on a spectrum, how attracted they were to masculinity, or to femininity, and did the same to romantic attraction separating them out make the website inclusive to asexual folk. Like queerness, Halpern knows that Jewish identity is a spectrum, or rather a huge series of intersecting spectra.

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And while the personal matchmaking will be a draw to the site, users will also have the ability to opt for an algorithm-only option. There are a lot of aspects of the project up in the air.

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While open to some sort of sponsor, the site will almost certainly be pay-to-use to sustain itself. In the meantime, as start up capital, Halpern is making the very Jewish move of liquidating her Bat Mitzvah assets. And so, Halpern is currently looking for a new name when the site officially launches. Current ideas include: Halpern ran the beta version of the website for about two weeks last month. God forbid they know you are into them! The more popular it gets, the less logical it seems.

Dates on the weekend are a big NO because the city is full of kids. For more intimate times, try Wednesday or Tuesday nights at your favorite bar. Fear of commitment is a well known phenomenon here in Tel Aviv. Nobody likes to close off their options, even if they have found the perfect partner. Apparently anyone who lives with their parents loses valuable dating points. Not since the 17th century has class, profession and stature meant so much. Good luck there…. My least favorite out of all the dating rules. Times are tough, we are all struggling — I recommend that we all share the cost of dating.

This one is as strange to me as the Third Date rule.

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Your date will meet your friends eventually, so why go to so much effort to keep the two worlds apart? This is definitely one rule that should be stricken from the rule book because it prevents us from experiencing those great moments — a spontaneous kiss, a bold first move and above all, honesty….

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