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Notify me of new posts by email. This guy has a great body, including great abs, a cute bubble ass, a great dick, and manly feet. Even his unusual smile makes him hot. I watched this video at a theater, and it was so hot that my pants came down, and I jacked to it. The store manager entered the theater and stayed until I came. As he mopped the floor, he told me that he had seen that movie many times, but still gets turned on by it.

Telli…email me. We need to talk. Just ask any of his former roommates who wake up in the middle of the night to find Barrett riding on their cocks. It's an interview with Phillip Aubrey: The COLT superstars joined a protest in Rome against the Catholic Church in order to make the claim that gay people are not pedophiles. There was a chihuaha involved. I've groped him, did a body shot off his chest, and have a picture of me with my arm around him.

He's better looking in person and in clothes than he is on screen. He's taller than I expected. He sees like a nice guy, but he has the most disgusting set of nutz I've ever seen. You can find him on rentboy.

Have a second look I liked him in "Cocoon". I don't think guys like Barrett Long should get fucked. They're better as tops only. Red carpet at the Escort Awards. Who knew there was an award for escorts? Barrett looks hot there, r11, especially next to that hideous queen. If it's too big, penetration hurts. A lot. I am just saying The Escort Awards? I'd clutch my pearls but I'm laughing so hard I accidentally inhaled them.

I want to see what his dad looks like naked. Escort Awards, my arse. Lord take me now; I have truly heard it all. What do you think the Tony Awards really are, r18? Shut up, R8 - many of us are against male genital mutilation and prefer the natural male body. If I were going to hire a hooker, he's who I'd hire I think. I hope he becomes a big dicked daddy later on. Like Michael Brandon without the drugs. Are you saying he is straight, R24? I like his big balls. More info please, r How do you know this? He does have a deeper voice than most gay porn stars though, R Is that a man or a woman interviewing him?

I fucked him so hard he came twice. Sure r Try to find a way to cope. Have y'all seen him fuck Kurt Wild? One of the best fucks I've ever seen in gay porn. How much does he charge? If you have to ask, r40, you can't afford it.

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So he has sex with women? Datalounge, I thank you, for leading me again to something magnificent I never knew before. You're welcome. What's his HIV status? Anybody know? Mmmmm, he likes watersports. I'd love to guzzle from that huge uncut cock.

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Better to have Baby Face than Baby Hands. So he is a non drug user available for PNP? Neat hat trick. R39, in what movie does Barrett impale Kurt? You can find it on the various torrent sites. Tune into Tyra on Thurday for more tittilating tidbits of testicular terrificness! Actually, he's fucked heterosexual married with three kids actor Kurt Wild twice.

Because the money's better, y'know? Is it possible to take 11 inches in the ass without doing damage. Contact Me. Click to get my phone number and give me a call now! Send me an email now! Send me a Membership Gift!

Barrett Long

Submit a Review about me. Find my Profile on a different domain. GOLD Escort. BarrettLong is not a Gold Member yet Gold Escort is special membership plan that appear before the Basic profiles in all searches and is featured on RentMen's home page.

Barrett Long

BarrettLong has not verified his photos yet Please note that we don't verify each and every photo separately and we can't give any guarantees. BarrettLong has verified his ID ID Verification is a process where the Escort provide us with a copy of his ID card so we can verify the identity and the authenticity of his profile. BarrettLong's Reviews. Read All Reviews about BarrettLong 5. Reviewed by Onetotalbottom , 22 May, Nice guy. Time Spent:. Go To https: Thomas Hunk.