Gay dating a guy shorter than me

I dont care about height in my partners but they cared that I was tall. There are plenty of short guys who love "climbing" on tall guys. And those short guys can be tops or bottoms but they like tall guys. Women the work world were openly impressed by tall men, too, in my experience and observation. In a nutshell I might guess that many tall men straight or gay dont care about height and many short men and all women are impressed and attracted to height.

My serious long-termers a year or more were 6', 5'5, and 5' There just were not a lot of other very tall single guys in the dating pool but I would have been fine with that. What gets me going is hair length. Go to any gay bar and you will find that height trumps everything. Big tall guys always get attention no matter what they look like. I'm 6'6" and rarely find guys who are taller than I am, but I have hooked up with a few. It makes for a crowded bed, to be honest.

Do gay men care about height?

I prefer short, "otter" guys that I can wrap my arms around in bed. That said, one of my fuck buddies is 6'10" and lots of fun to mess around with. Anything under 5'11' - even if he's gorgeous - doesn't excite. There's got to be some kind of genetic reason for these preferences as they seem fairly insipid but, you know, the dick wants what it wants.

First guy I ever had sex with was 6'4 and I haven't dated anyone under 6' since. I'll hookup with anyone though. Personally, I've never cared for tall, lanky guys and those over 6' 2" tend to freak me out a bit. Super tall guys with super short ones just look odd together. He also angles the camera weird, like how Batman villains were shot in the old tv show so he is at the upper end of the crooked photo. Where are all those tall or super tall guys??? I'm living in Berlin.

I love tall and lean persons- doesn't matter if they are men or women. It is nice to speak to someone who has the eyes in the same hight. But can also confirm that shorter men have a lot of complexes toward taller women like me. Heard this hundreds of times in my life. Tall men have their admirers. At 6'8" I like the shorter guys but my partner of nearly three decades is six feet tall. I've dated substantially shorter but it makes both of us look like circus folk. There are two pocket guys in my building who are cute but their height is odd.

I see Andy Cohen every now and then on 7th Ave and he is short and nothing attractive about that. Same with Anderson who I encountered and he is small though more built.

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Do gay men care about height? We don't go out much! I prefer guys my size or a little taller. Don't let it bother you, [italic]little[italic] man.

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Just turned into an asexual. I, myself, do not. I'd like to climb that mountain on the right. Are you the top R5?

Here's What People Really Think About Height And Dating

Are you ever afraid you're gonna break them? I prefer noticeably shorter passive bottoms. Do you prefer them living, dead, or undead, r15? I love a pocket gay. I'm 6'6' and love short bottom guys. NYC in particular is full of short lean ethnic hotties, and taller acquaintances just love em. I'm average height and build myself. Short handsome wounded poet alcoholic? I'd fuck him! Is it because "pocket gays" make tall men think they're with little boys?

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Gays and str8 women are different, after all I'm 5'9 and really don't care either way. Lots of love for the pocket gays. God bless them and their tiny holes. Not a factor for me. Are you male, R33? R24 then straight men love Asian women to make them think they're with little girls?

R38 yeah, no! I'm 6'4", so most people are shorter than me, so if I had some height rule, I'd limit my ability to get action, lol. That being said, I don't have a preference around height. I'd dated both guys and girls ranging from 5'0" to 6'9. My current guy with benefits is 6'1".


Both are awesome. Oct 27, Messages: I'm about 5'10" and I'd say my ideal height range would be about 5'10" to 6'6".

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  • Here's What People Really Think About Height And Dating?
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  • Dating and Height Difference?

Split Arrows. Jun 15, Messages: Ruby Dragon. May 24, Messages: South Africa Gender: Female Gender Pronoun: She Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Out Status: Out to everyone.

Short Guys Need Love Too!

Call me shallow, but I've dated shorter men before and I feel like a freak when we're walking together in public, and feel like others are judging us for being such an "odd" couple. I don't wear heels, so if a man is the same height it won't matter. Just as long as he's not shorter than me. The men I find attractive are tall, stocky, broad shoulders, dark hair, no facial hair - or at least neatly trimmed well groomed: Jun 20, Messages: Indonesia Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Gay Out Status: A few people.

Dec 8, Messages: New Zealand. Ideally I would want someone exactly the same height as me Mar 23, Messages: I accepted and as we were dancing, I saw the guy I liked asked another girl, someone I think is in the chorus. I left the other guy after one dance, but the guy I liked kept dancing with the other girl.

I am fairly tallabout 5 feet 7 and a half inches, and the guy I like is an inch or two shorter. I have dated shorter guys in the past. This guy seems to be self-confident. How much does being an inch or two shorter really matter to a guy? He either likes it or doesn't care. In my experience, it's the taller person who it is important to i. To some guys like me , it doesn't matter at all.