I hate gay people

That being said, the behavior of some not all, of course homosexuals is making it unnecessarily difficult for more conservative people to accept homosexuality. I went to a large liberal arts university in NYC, and some of the gay people I knew were just straight up inappropriate. Another gay friend consistently wore belly shirts, extra low-rise jeans, and thongs to class.

Some gay people are also ridiculously loud, sing loudly when no one wants to hear them e. Inappropriately flamboyant behavior like this violates societal norms, such as the norm of keeping genitals covered in public, or the norm to not sexually harass people, or the norm to not engage in overly sexual public displays of affection. Again, not all homosexuals are like this, but the ones that are stand out a lot and give homosexuals in general a bad name. I feel like there are very few actual quality comments, so here I go. As a Christian, I believe that God created us for heterosexual marriage.

He created man and woman, and called it good. Heterosexual sex is a gift from God, it is something that we should cherish and delight in. It is something immoral. When I see a homosexual couple, it makes me sad. This is not because they sicken me, disgust me, or because I think that somehow I am better than them. It saddens me because they are partaking in an act that is the very perversion of the good gift that God granted us. I do not think that Homosexuality is a choice. It is very obvious through the homosexuals that I talk with and am friends with, that it is not a choice.

However, this does not mean it is alright to act on these urges. If a man had powerful urges for theft, lying, or adultery, he would not be sinning. The urge itself is not a sin. However, if you act on them, it is wrong. The way that most anti-gay activists treat homosexuals including me is to try and love them.

Gay men are battling a demon more powerful than HIV – and it’s hidden | Owen Jones

Have conversations. Be polite. I have a couple of thoughts on this. First, it really depends on how you define Anti-Gay, because while I have some opinions about homosexuality that are definitely contrary to the majority of society, I do not in any fashion consider myself anti-gay.

I come from a Christian background, and my faith is a large part of my life today, so like most Christians, I consider homosexuality to be a sin. My beliefs tell me that we are all broken people who all do wrong things. I lie, the thief steals, and Walter White makes meth.

My beliefs state that no one sin is any worse than another. To God, lying is just as bad as homosexuality. Therefore, to hate, condemn, shame, or otherwise drag someone down for being homosexual is saying that the sins I have committed are inconsequential. This is hypocrisy, and I choose not to partake of it. On a slightly different, but related note, I also understand that morality is a grey shape, not always in black and white.

Often, what I believe to be wrong is the same as what you believe to be wrong; e.

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However, I also understand that you and I will share grey zones. I respect that we have differences, and I believe those differences are a large part of what makes humanity incredibly beautiful, and thus ought to be deeply respected. This is what contributes to a pluralistic society. And it's worth remembering that in the UK gay people only acquired equal marriage rights earlier this year. But Jamaica has the double problem of being described as "the most homophobic place on earth" , but also being one of those places where little or no research is done to explain these anti-gay sentiments.

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  • Self-loathing among gay people is nothing new. We’re overwhelmed by it;
  • “We’re Tired of Gay Propaganda” / mohamedbessaies.com;
  • This is why, in collaboration with Dr Noel Cowell from the University of the West Indies , I decided to conduct the largest piece of research of its kind to date, using data collected by Professor Ian Boxhill. By interviewing about 2, people across 40 communities in Jamaica, we looked at the predictors of anti-gay bias and measured them. Our results confirm the suspicion that Jamaicans, in general, hold very strong prejudices against gays and lesbians. This was true whether we referred to attitudes, perceptions of gay rights, or prejudiced behaviour.

    But why? This question isn't easily answered. However, thanks to this research, we can now point to some important variables. As in other countries, wealth, education and younger age were associated with less anti-gay prejudice. Religiosity, which is often the reason offered by anti-gay lobbyists, also predicted more anti-gay bias. However, it was neither the strongest nor the most reliable predictor.

    Man found guilty of planning terror attack on Cumbria gay event

    When all the factors were taken into account simultaneously, the two that were most reliable were a preference for dancehall music, and gender. There has been much debate about dancehall in Jamaica. Internationally, many people view artists like Banton, Vybz Kartel and Beenie Man as inciting sexuality-based violence, while others defend these 'calls to action' as being much more metaphorical — a litmus test of what is and isn't acceptable in Jamaican society.

    Homosexuality and Islam. See also: Worldwide laws regarding same-sex intercourse and freedom of expression and association. Rings indicate areas where local judges have granted or denied marriages or imposed the death penalty in a jurisdiction where that is not otherwise the law or areas with a case-by-case application. History of homosexual people in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Sodomy law and Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

    Further information: Societal attitudes toward homosexuality. LGBT portal. Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice. Retrieved December 27, Because of the complicated interplay among gender identity, gender roles, and sexual identity, transgender people are often assumed to be lesbian or gay See Overview: Sexism, Heterosexism, and Transgender Oppression. Because transgender identity challenges a binary conception of sexuality and gender, educators must clarify their own understanding of these concepts.

    Facilitators must be able to help participants understand the connections among sexism, heterosexism, and transgender oppression and the ways in which gender roles are maintained, in part, through homophobia. Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence. SAGE Publications. In a culture of homophobia an irrational fear of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender [GLBT] people , GLBT people often face a heightened risk of violence specific to their sexual identities. Women's Gynecologic Health. Homophobia is an individual's irrational fear or hate of homosexual people.

    16 People Who Are Anti-Gay Explain Their Stance On Homosexuality | Thought Catalog

    This may include bisexual or transgender persons, but sometimes the more distinct terms of biphobia or transphobia, respectively, are used. Retrieved Oxford English Dictionary. Oxford University Press. June Fear or hatred of homosexuals and homosexuality. Dowd, Mark 26 February The Guardian. Mark McCormack 23 May The Declining Significance of Homophobia.

    Retrieved 31 July Retrieved 12 June Violence against Queer People: Rutgers University Press. Fleeing Homophobia: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Asylum. Transgender people subjected to violence, in a range of cultural contexts, frequently report that transphobic violence is expressed in homophobic terms.

    The tendency to translate violence against a trans person to homophobia reflects the role of gender in attribution of homosexuality as well as the fact that hostility connected to homosexuality is often associated with the perpetrators' prejudices about particular gender practices and their visibility.

    FBI [Internet]. Available from: Conceptual, definitional, and value issues". Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment. April Sexuality Research and Policy: Journal of NSRC.

    “We’re Tired of Gay Propaganda”

    Retrieved 17 February Archived from the original on The Homosexual: Newly Visible, Newly Understood". October Psychological Reports. Society and the healthy homosexual. APA News. Archived from the original on November 21, Pearson Education.