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And if anyone else finds out, I'll kill you, Hummel. Kurt giggles, ignoring Puck's mumbled 'not his boyfriend'. My dad will never forgive you for this though. Just so ya know. Dave suppresses a shudder.

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I couldn't date Fancy anyway I really pity the guy that tries to take Burt Hummel's son away. It takes longer than it should have for Puck to realize that Kurt is late. Puck is always late for things himself, so he never really notices when other people are, unless it's been like, ridiculously long. And it has. It's been half an hour. This is Kurt. He's on time for everything. Shouldn't Kurt be here by now? Did you get the time wrong?

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Let's go check outside, maybe he can't find a parking spot for his land yacht. Seeing the full parking lot, Puck says, "Well shit, let's look in the side lot? Maybe he was afraid of someone dinging 'his baby' with a door or something. Huddling into their jackets, Puck and Finn walk around the corner of the building. They stop when they see three members of the football team along with Dave standing in front of Azimio and-. What the hell is going on?! We've been waiting forever.

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Even Puck noticed. Puck follows him, eyes narrowing at the Titans. I know those guys, they're like And total dicks. What the hell is going on? Fill me in. You making some new friends? Kurt scoffs. Those three wastes of space had decided to pick an easy target for their ignorance. I just happened to be the shiniest thing around to draw their attention. Seems like someone has a thing for jocks. Maybe those assholes were just worried you were gonna make your way through the whole team and they were next. I've only been with one guy!

And yeah, there may have been a jock fetish for awhile, but I'm mostly over it. I can only throw a letterman jacket on my bedroom floor so many times before the thrill wears off. Frowning, Kurt thinks back over his last statement, then blushes.

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You know that's not what I meant. I'm just over the jock thing. You can only get nailed to the lockers so many times before it becomes normal. It just means I'm not eying up other guys. It's a good thing, Noah. The conversation finally seems to break Bobby. You have a boyfriend? And you've been fucking him in our locker room?!

That's disgusting! Shut up! I meant I was on the team my sophomore year. And I didn't make out with him! It was just one kiss. He's too busy laughing uproariously to even notice. Dave shrugs, still watching the baby Titans, "We could have, you're the one that stopped me the second time, Fancy. At this point, Finn groans. You guys have fun with whatever this is turning into, I'm gonna go get a coffee or something, it's too fucking cold for this.

As Finn turns to go back inside, Kurt yells, "I'll be there in a bit, little brother. I just need to get all the meatheads to be reasonable. Ignoring Finn's yell of, "Don't call me 'little brother'! Bobby actually speaks before he gets a chance. And you've been fucking him in the locker room?

What the fuck, man? No way.

I'm not taking the heat for that. I kissed him last year, but I'm not his boyfriend.

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That guy's just not ready to come out, he's only bi. Hell, I wasn't out either, but I wasn't about to let you morons beat the hell out of Kurt. Bobby speaks up again, "Oh, so the little fairy's boyfriend must not care about him too much, huh? Shouldn't he be the one here protecting you, Princess? Before Bobby gets a chance to gloat over the glare Kurt shoots him, he finds himself flat on his back, on the ground, clutching his face.

Puck steps back, shaking his hand out. He's always running around doing stupid shit. You touch so much as one hair on his head and I'm gonna tear you limb from limb. Got it? Not waiting for an answer, Puck steps back over to Kurt. Azimio takes that opportunity to move over and join Dave in 'helping' Bobby to his feet and strongly 'suggesting' it's time for the idiots to leave. Not a hard sell since the two underlings have looked like they wanted to run for the past ten minutes. Kurt shrugs, "I'm alright, David got here in time. We talked about just waiting, it's so close to the end of the year Puck shrugs.

He'd never really cared, Kurt just didn't want to be the cause of his 'social downfall'.