What does bottom mean in a gay relationship

What the researchers leading this study wanted to look at was how preferred anal sex role and gender non-conformity are linked to one specific biological factor previously shown to be associated with elevated rates of homosexuality in general: Study after study has found that homosexuality—as well as gender non-conformity—are linked to being non-right handed.

This has been taken as evidence in favor of a biological basis for homosexuality, given that handedness is something that is determined in the womb by biological factors. As such, scientists have concluded that whatever it is that's affecting handedness is also affecting sexual orientation. In this study, men some gay, some straight were recruited online and at a Canadian Pride festival to complete a survey.


They were asked about their sexual orientation, their recalled degree of gender non-conformity in childhood, the extent to which their right vs. Overall, 43 percent of these gay men said they preferred bottoming, 31 percent reported being versatile, and 26 percent preferred topping. The bottom and versatile men were grouped together for analyses because it turned out they were extremely similar to one another in handedness and gender non-conformity.

The results replicated previous studies in that gay men demonstrated more non-right handedness and reported higher levels of childhood gender non-conformity than straight men. Tops were still more gender non-conforming on average than straight men, though. This is where things get really interesting: This suggests that gay men's anal sex role preferences are rooted, to some degree, in their biology.

In other words, although tops and bottoms both have the same sexual orientation, they may arrive at that orientation via very different biological pathways. There is no guessing what it will take to satisfy them. So in summation, tops do the penetrating, bottoms are the ones penetrated. I'm not sure how it works for lesbians, I've always been too afraid to ask.

Seriously, Science?

If you have read any romance novels, yaoi, watched any romance movies, ect, you will notice that while during a sex scene, there will be a person working the top, and there will be a person working the bottom. That is the difference. Usually people the are gay and such, are not usually appropriately asked if they are on the top, or the bottom.

Tops Vs Bottoms - Pillow Talk

It leaves you in a really uncomfortable and tense atmosphere. Especially if you have not had sex before. I do not advice you to ask people that. They are part of straight relationships too.

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To be a top is to penetrate. To be a bottom is to receive. It does not describe social or romantic roles, though heterosexist people will frequently stereotype this way. In my experience, most people do not do this - and for one simple reason: One partner is the receiver and the other is the giver, or put more bluntly, the top penetrates the bottom. I think others pretty much covered the basics when it comes to two cis men. When it comes to trans men, they generally mean the same sort of thing: With trans women with outer bits big enough for penetration it can mean a similar thing.

Hickson; Peter Weatherburn; Andrew J. Hunt 31 October Scientific American. Archived from the original on Journal of Sex Research.

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    Gay men's preferences for "top" vs. "bottom" can be judged by their face. - Seriously, Science?

    Tom of Finland: Staying Safe While Topping or Bottoming". HIV Plus Magazine. Dossie Easton, Janet W. The New Topping Book.

    Top, bottom and versatile

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    The Tops, Bottoms And Switches Sex Survey

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